For Domestic and Commercial use
Our Solar Water Heating Systems are built using superior quality raw materials with advanced technology to provide the convenience of hot water made available for use depending on the capacity, place and purpose of use.
1) Flat Plate Collector Type (FPC)
Product Features:

Flate Plate Collector With high Coating for absorpitivity

Font glazing toughened glass

TIG welded Stainless steel storage tank

Protection of storage tank from corrosion using Anode rode

Techncal Specification

Flat Plate Collector
Absorber CoatingSelective Coating of Absorptivity 0.96±0.02
Riser PipeCopper 12.5 mm Q24 SWG(±0.05mm)
Header PipeCopper 25 mm Q22 SWG(±0.05mm)
Bonding b/w Riser HeaderBrazing
Bonding b/w Riser & Absorber SheetContinuous ultrasonic welding
Front GlazingToughened Clear / Frosted Glass
Backside InsulationRockwool
GasketEPDM Rubber
Collector Box Header inlet & OutletExtruded Alluminium Channels
jacketsBrass Flanges
AssemblyAssembled under pneumatic technology
Storage Tank
Storage tank(inside) SS 304 Grade / GI / Enamel Coated / PE Coated
Insulation Rockwool / Min / PUF
Tank Outer Cladding Ployster grade Powder Coated Sheet / stainless steel
Inter Connecting pipes stainless steel 304 grade / Gz
Storage tank Stand Mild steel
Ethical Bac-kup 2kw thermostat controlled, varies according to size of the storage tank
Sacrificial Anode To avoid galvanic corrosion
Hose pipe 25/35 EPDM Rubber

Transforming solar energy towards a sustainable future.

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